Brigitt Goldman Phd



I am Brigitt Goldman Phd, Relationship and Sexology Intuitive, Speaker, Personology  goal strategist, workshop facilitator, Love builder, host of”The Spiritual Truthfinder” and experienced cold case file Medium.
The world is becoming more faster, more intense, more chaotic. 
Clients hire Doctor Bee to sort everything out, to prioritize and to make sense of things. 


Brigitt Goldman Phd. is known and respected International as the go to person when a relationship, dating situation or your intimate life becomes stuck. She is a Spiritual Sexologist and Intuitive Relationship advisor who has an uncanny spiritual ability to turn relationships and your sex life around to help you reestablish balance. 
She works with busy professionals, celebrities, politicians, artists and now with YOU ! 


In her no nonsense style, intuitive guidance, and forecast of possibly outcome, Doctor Bee evaluates your personal situation, pinpoints blocks and identifies actions thereby; helping your love life flourish. She teaches workshops, currently writing a book and has hosted her own TV show “ The Spiritual Truthfinder” based upon her work. 

“ I was always interested in investigating the underlying causes of things or how people relate.” 

with ❤️ 

Doctor Bee



Disclaimer: we do not offer therapy and we are not able to assist mental ill patients