Brigitt Goldman Phd


1. Is coaching and therapy the same ?
In Life / love coaching We can guide you to sort things out. Coaching is NOT therapy! Coaches are experienced by significant interactions with people and coaches enjoy becoming involved and derive great satisfaction from assisting others. Coaches usually have great life experience to share with you. 

2. what does a coach do ? 
a coach is assisting clients to look deep inside them self’s to find solutions. A coach works with people who are bettering them self’s 

3. What is the difference between coaching and therapy ? 
coaching clients are usually well adjusted mentally. A coach can help a client to achieve a more fulfilling life, a rewarding career, a more fulfilling love or intimate life vs. a therapist deals with what is wrong with the patient. Coaches assist clients, therapist assist patients. Therapy digs into the past in order to get to the root of the problem. Coaches only dig into the past to only recall success or draw inspiration Life/ love coaches start with the present and work towards a better future 

A life/ love coach is your collaborator in success 

4. how to book an appointment? 
please refer to the list of our various services and use the pay now button Prices vary depending on services or time etc 

5. How much do we charge ? 
we charge the value of the result that we deliver 

6. How many sessions or hours of coaching do you needs ? It varies by your personal issues or story to overcome. 
7. How to start the coaching ? First you BOOK and PAY for the initial session which is usually 1 1/2hours and after that please send us a short email to we will respond within 24 hours. We will  send you a few personal questions to be answered Before we start. 

I will draft a personal imprint of your DNA of your soul or situation and we can start your journey after we with the first coaching / conversation. 

8. Where do we meet or talk ? All coaching sessions will be done over the phone 


disclaimer: we do not offer any type of counseling and we are not able to assist any type of mental health patients 

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