Brigitt Goldman Phd

Intuitive session

Intuitive session

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An intuitive session with a medium How does it work ? 
Connecting to the other side and understanding those who have passed, why do people want to connect to the other side anyway ? 
the foundation is either unfinished business in the name of justice, or personal regrets and passing on love and appreciation. When a family member or close friend passes on and unfinished business is left behind, life can feel out of balance for the surviving family or friend.

We can feel stuck , disoriented or guilty. When people pass on, they are obviously physically gone. Sometimes unfinished business stays behind which needs to be answered and resolved. This is a valuable healing experience for the living and also for the dead on the other side. Both sides learn how to let go and move on. 
If there is no unfinished business of some sort , there is no reason for a connection. I like to start with the person’s picture. Sometimes I will connect instantly, and other times it will take some time. There is no guarantee to connect, it is up to the spirit. I am simply the medium in the middle. When the spirit comes through, I hear a slight sound and the energy in the room will change.